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The MSM PROMOTIONS compilation disc series is one of the most respected in the entire industry! We have built an extremely effective radio database to which we mail our discs. ALL OF OUR CD's ARE MAILED FIRST CLASS to assure your song is playing as soon as possible! Our Volume VIII compilation was released in mid August of 2001. The Volume IX disc will be compiled in early January 2002. If you would like to be a part of our Volume IX, contact us immediately.

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who have appeared on our compilation disc series.


MSM PROMOTIONS is one of the most effective promotions companies in the country.
Each month we contact hundreds of radio stations concerning the songs we are promoting. We do this by utilizing the latest technology available, including voice calls, faxes, and email. Near the end of each month, the artist is provided a complete detailed report. This report includes individual station response, comments, and likelihood of success. "Since I have traveled for many years with a Gospel group, I understand the importance of affordability for the service I provide. Feel free to email or call us concerning quotes for promotion."

It is not mandatory for your single to be on our compilation disc to receive promotional services. We routinely promote artists' songs that are on major label or independent compilations.

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